Rotifers infected by parasites
The coexistence of two species of organisms, in which one species (parasite) damages the other species (the host), is called parasitism. Often this biotic relationship leads to death of the host in the medium term. Therefore, the life cycle of the parasite is often associated with a host change. In rotifers you can sometimes find foreign bodies in the body cavity or on the organs. It seems likely that these are (developmental stages of) parasites. The taxonomic classification, biology and ecology of these parasites is unclear in many cases.
Parasites in monogonont rotifers
Synchaeta pectinata with Sporozoa (likely)
Synchaeta pectinata with parasites. more on this you find here
Synchaeta pectinata with parasite
Cyrtonia tuba with parasite.
parasites in Epiphanes brachionus
parasites in Colurella sp. (15.01.2011) (arrow)
parasites in Bryceella stylata
parasites in Cephalodella bryophila
Brachionus angularis infected by two organisms: Zoophagus insidians (arrowheads) and the epibiontic Colacium vesiculosum.
Lecane sp. with unknown parasites
Lepadella ovalis with unknown parasites
Parasites in digonont (bdelloid) rotifers
Rotaria macrura infected by Leptoclavia parasitica parasites
Adineta vaga infected by unknown parasites
Habrotrocha constricta infected by unknown parasites
Habrotrocha collaris; although this specimen was filled with a brown mass of bacteria, it was still alive.
Macrotrachela quadricornifera; infected by unknown parasites
Macrotrachela sp. unknown parasites (11.111.2012)
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