Asplanchna priodonta Gosse 1850
Asplanchna priodonta, whirling, dorsoventral view. 31.05.2009
Asplanchna priodonta, whirling, focus plane on the trochus; accompanied by the potential prey, two Keratella rotifers, which allows to compare their size.(1)
Asplanchna priodonta, whirling, focus plane on the trochus. SZ: sensory bristles; Oc: ocelli; CA: cerebral eyespot; G: brain; K: trophi; arrowheads: cilia. (1)
Asplanchna priodonta, trophi; Ra: rami;; Fu: fulcrum; Man: manubria; Un: Unci.
Asplanchna priodonta, head retracted; in the center the cerebral eyespot is visible.
Asplanchna priodonta, with resting egg.
Asplanchna priodonta; left image: specimen with amictic eggs; right image: resting egg.
Asplanchna priodonta, male specimen. (22.05.2006)
Asplanchna priodonta, male specimen. spermatocytes
Asplanchna priodonta, focus plane on the stomach (Ma); gastric glands (MD); protonephridium (Ex) and lateral antenna (LT).
Asplanchna priodonta, focal plane on the stomach (Ma), gastric glands (MD), protonephridium (Ex), bladder (Bl) and ovary (Ov).
Asplanchna priodonta, protonephridium. TZ1 und TZ2: terminal cells ; yellow arrowheads: W: ciliary flames; red arrowheads: outer cilia.
nephridium: video
Asplanchna priodonta, dorsal antenna (DT). N: nerve cells; A: amoebocytes (see below)
Asplanchna priodonta, the dorsal antenna (DT) is composed of several cells.
Asplanchna priodonta, the lateral antenna consists of a single sensory cell.
Asplanchna priodonta, amoebocytes: the whole pseudocoelom is filled with a net of amoeboid moving cells (amoebocytes). Two images showing the movement of the same cell. video >>>>
Asplanchna priodonta, the amoebocytes have vacuoles that may contain bacteria or substances that have been removed from the liquid of the pseudocoel.
Asplanchna priodonta, ciliated stomach. video >>>>. The stomach ends blind.
Asplanchna priodonta, orientation of the lateral antenna (LT): Ex 1 and Ex2: protonephridia; stomach (Ma); bladder (Bl); amoebocyt (Am); nerve cell (N)
Asplanchna priodonta, sensory bristles (yellow arrowheads) and cilia (W) at the head which serve for locomation and feeding.
Asplanchna priodonta, different types of cells: neurons (N), muscle (M), amoebocytes (A)
Asplanchna priodonta, another male specimen from(3)
Asplanchna priodonta, male specimen; BL: bladder; Pe: penis; arrowheads: accessory glands; the arrows characterize the area of the atypical sperm cells which produce intacytoplasmatic rods (which look like needles in this image). The rods are supposed to assist the sperm cells while penetrating. The sperm cells are labelled with asterisks. The spherical cells might be not fully developed sperm cells.
See also: Asplanchna priodonta var. henrietta
Location: Sprockhövel IGM Bildungszentrum, Teich (1); Hattingen Felderbachtal (3)
habitat: plankton (1)(3)
Date: 25.09.2007 (1); 31.05.2009 (2); 20.09.2014 (3)
freshwater life
marine life