Philodina citrina EHRENBERG 1832
Philodina citrina, two specimens on the carapax of a dead water flea Daphnia longispina.(2)
Philodina citrina, ventral view (1)
Philodina citrina; 3 aspects of the head, slightly different focus planes. The upper image (left) shows the convex upper lip . The lower images show two notches between the sulcus and the trochal discs (arrowheads in the left image). (3)
Philodina citrina; specimen from (4), focus plane on the rostrum and the red eyespots.
Philodina citrina; head of a creeping specimen, dorsal view. Focus plane in the upper image some microns more dorsal than the lower image. Br: pear-shaped brain with elongate oblique orange eyespots. DA: dorsal antenna (the lower image shows the base of the dorsal antenna, BDA); DMG: dorsomedian gland (presumably retrocerebral sac); DLG: dorsolateral glands (presumably subcerebral glands); St: stomach with lumen (L). (4)
Philodina citrina; specimen from (4), apical view of the dorsal antenna.
Philodina citrina, another specimen from Haspelmoor 2012 (3)
Philodina citrina, lateral view. (1)
Philodina citrina, lateral view of same specimen as above, detail. (1)
Philodina citrina, the same specimen from above image was later attacked and killed by Notommata aurita, which is a predator for bdelloid rotifers. (1)
Philodina citrina, creeping specimen, rostrum.
Philodina citrina; 3 images of the trophi with dental formula 2/2. The trophi of this species are characterized by two projetions (apophysis) on the inner side of the rami (arrowheads in the first image). The two lower images show the trophi of another specimen in cephalic and caudal view.
Philodina citrina; trophi of another specimen (2) 2.3.2006
Philodina citrina; lateral view of a whirling specimen. The arrowhead points to the dent (see above images) which is directed ventrally.
Philodina citrina; foot with spurs and 4 toes (arrowheads).
Philodina citrina; specimen from (6); foot with spurs.
Location: Gevelsberg, Stefansbachtal Schulzentrum, Grünes Klassenzimmer, pond (1);(2); Haspelmoor, Bavaria, Germany (3): Ohligser Heide (3); Hattingen Oberstüter (4); NSG Schwalm-Nette,pond with Utricularia (5)
Habitat: detritus; between water plants and algae.(1); on desintegrating leaf (2); sphagnum bog (3); (3); moss on stone (4); detritus
Date: 07.05.2005 (1); 05.06.2010 (2); 27.09.2012 (3); 16.01.2016 (4); 07.02.2016 (5); 30.10.2015 (6)
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