Ptygura pilula pilula Cubitt 1872
Ptygura pilula pilula, a rotifer with housing made of "pills". (2)
Ptygura pilula pilula, the basic material of the housing is a gelatinous matrix into which faeces are incorporated. (LT= lateral antenna). (2)
Ptygura pilula pilula, another specimen from (1)
Ptygura pilula pilula, focal plane on the corona, dorsal view. (1)
Ptygura pilula pilula, focal plane on the corona, lateral view. (1)
Ptygura pilula pilula, corona, two different focal planes. The wheel organ consists of two circular rows of cilia: the pre-oral trochus and the

dorsal view.Ptygura pilula pilula, Korona in zwei verschiedene Fokusebenen. Das Räderorgan besteht aus einem Wimpernband (Zirkumapikalband) , der sich aus einem präoralen (=Trochus), und und einem postoralen (=Cingulum) Wimpernkranz zusammensetzt. Im oberen Bild ist auf den Trochus (weiße Pfeile), im unteren Bild auf das Cingulum (weiße Dreiecke) fokussiert. (2)

Ptygura pilula pilula, focal plane on one of the two lateral antennae (yellow arrowhead) and the tiny eyespot (red arrow) which degenerates after settling.
Ptygura pilula pilula, corona retracted, focal plane on the tiny eyespot, which seems to have a lens (see crop of the image).
Ptygura pilula pilula, left image: restin egg; right image: foot with adhesive disc. (1)
Ptygura pilula pilula, two lateral antennae.
location: Wahner Heide near Colgne(1); nature reserve NSG Heiliges Meer, pond (2)
habitat: pond with submersed mosses (1); (2)
Date: 30.03.2010 (1) ; 19.04.2011 (2)
freshwater life
marine life