Ascomorpha ovalis Bergendahl 1892
Ascomorpha ovalis, dorsoventral view, focal plane on the finger-like palp (arrow), which is used for holding the algae while sucking them out. The four dark spots are defecation pellets: Ascomorpha ovalis has no anus, the stomach ends in 4 blind sacs.(2)


Ascomorpha ovalis, lateral view; focal plane on the gap between the dorsal and ventral plate of the lorica. (1)
Ascomorpha ovalis, another specimen from (2) showing the dorsal and ventral plate of the lorica. (2)
Ascomorpha ovalis; left: during the maceration procedure (with NaOCl; for trophi analysis) the dorsal and ventral plates of the lorica segregated from each other. Right: dorsal plate; the arrow points to the opening of the dorsal antenna.
Ascomorpha ovalis, ventral plate of the lorica. The arrowheads mark the openings of the two lateral antennas; there is a 3rd opening (arrow), the function of which is not clear (no cilia of an antenna could be observed). Both the dorsal and the ventral plate consist of 2 layers: 1. a network of more or less hexagonally arranged elements; in each of the resulting fields several pores can be recognized, which are probably located in the 2nd layer, a membrane (Wulfert, 1960).
Ascomorpha ovalis, During the maceration process, it was observed that under the influence of NaOCl, the network initially disintegrated into individual hexagons (arrow) , which in turn disintegrated into individual rods (arrowhead). On the right: virgate trophi in lateral view. In contrast to Ascomorpha ecaudis the manubria (Ma) are crutched. Fu: fulcrum; Ma: manubria; Ra: ramus; Un: unci (4)
Ascomorpha ovalis, virgate trophi; dorsoventral view. Left: specimen from (4); right: specimen from (2)
Location (4): water reservoir Heilenbecker Talsperre; Ennepetal, NRW, Germany
Habitat (4): plankton
Date (4): coll. 08.07.2022 ; img.: 11.07.2022 08.07.2022
Location: water reservoir Glörtalsperre / NRW (1); water reservoir Wuppertalsperre / NRW (2)
Habitat: Plankton (1);(2)
Date: 4.6.2009(1); 17.09.2014(2)
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