Encentrum spinosum Koch-Althaus 1962
Encentrum spinosum; lateral view (4). This is an abundant species in lotic waters, feeding on diatoms. Due to compression by the coverslide this specimen had alread discharged 5 diatoms before being photographed.
Encentrum spinosum; lateral view (1). Species with very short, cone-shaped toes (total length : toe length >15). The arrow points to the dorsal antenna.
Encentrum spinosum; lateral view of the head region (crop of the above image) (1).
Encentrum spinosum; maybe juvenile specimen, lateral view; (1)

Encentrum spinosum; images of the forcipate trophi. Left image: the arrowheads point to a acute spine-shaped teeth at the inner margin of each ramus (1). Right image: trpohi of the specimen below (2).

Encentrum spinosum; 15 seconds before I took this image this specimen has ejected 3 diatoms. Unfortunately I was still adjusting the microscope for photographing, so the other images got totally overexposed. Specimen with amictic egg (2).
Encentrum spinosum; another specimen from location (3)
Encentrum spinosum; another specimen from location (5). The arrow points to the right lateral antenna.
Location: Düssel near Wuppertal-Schöller, NRW; Germany (1); Felderbach Hattingen (2); Gevelsberg, NRW, Stefansbach (3); Auerhof, Felderbachtal, Hattingen, NRW, creek (4);
Habitat: between algae (Vaucheria sp.) and diatoms on stones (1). (click image to enlarge >>>). Together with Proales theodora
Location (5) : Paasbach, IG_Metallwald, Sprockhövel, NRW, Germany
Habitat (5): sediment in lotic water . (click image to enlarge >>>)
Date (5): 29.01.2022
Habitat (4): detritus
Date: 01./03.04.2021 (1); 13.04.2021 (2); 06.05.2021 (3); 18.05.2021 (4)
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