Mniobia magna Plate 1889
Mniobia magna, an eyeless rotifer; dorsal view, whirling. (1) In contrast to Mniobia russeola the head is less conical.

Mniobia magna, head region of another specimen from (1). Focus plane on the irregular shaped upper lip.
Mniobia magna, frontal view of the corona, focus plane on the trochal discs and the seta-bearing pegs. The sample from which the specimen of this image is selected has been dry since the collection date; so the specimen has survived more than one year of drought (3).
Mniobia magna, ventral view of the head (angle approx. 45 degrees to the longitudinal axis), focus plane on the trochal discs and pharynx. (3)
Mniobia magna, left image: foot with adhesive disc and spurs. (1); right image: foot with granulated integument and adhesive disc from specimen from (3)
Mniobia magna, foot; left: focal plane on the spurs, Also the end of the intestinum (in) and the bladder (Cl) with a nephridial canal are visible. Right: adhesive disc. (1)
Mniobia magna, part of the dorsal integument of the trunk (4)
Mniobia magna, integument of the trunk (oil immersion; Zeiss Planapo 100x 1.4). In contrast to Mniobia russeola the surface of the integument is smooth: the pores do not have elevations. The horizontal dark stripe in the middle of the image is the shadow of the underlying transversal muscle. (4)
Mniobia magna, ramate trophi with dental formula 6/6; rami length (RaL): 32± 4 µm (1).
Mniobia magna, another specimen found here (5)
Collection of sample (4) by courtesy of Pit Staedtler, Gevelsberg.
Location (5): nature reserve NSG Unteres Odertal; BB, Germany; Bogengraben
Habitat (5): Lithotelma in concrete
Date (5): 19.05.2023
Location: avenue in Marina di Torre del lago P. / Tuscany/ Italy(1); ; Nature reserve, NSG Unteres Odertal, near "Teerofenbrücke" (3) ; Rittener Hütte, South Tirol, Italy; dry moss sample
Habitat: tree moss, together with Didymodactylos carnosus (1); moss on concrete (3); dry moss (4)
Date: 1.11.2012 (1); ; coll. 28.05.2019; img.: 26.07.2020 (3); coll.: 08/2020; img.: 06.10.2020 (4)
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