Philodina flaviceps BRYCE 1906
Philodina flaviceps; whirling, dorsoventral view. (2)
Philodina flaviceps; crop of the above image; head with upper lip. (2)
Philodina flaviceps; snapshot of frontal view of the corona while unfolding from retracted state.(6)
Philodina flaviceps; creeping specimen. (1)
Philodina flaviceps; left: crop of the above image showing the rostrum lamella with cilia (ventral view). Right image showing the anterior part with dorsal antenna and granulated integument (7)
Philodina flaviceps; whirling, dorsoventral view. Focus plane on the two small eyespots. (1)
Philodina flaviceps; left image showing the upper lip which extends into bolsters which protrude around the head on both sides (arrowheads). Right image: foot with spurs. (1)
Philodina flaviceps; variation of the foot with spurs in different specimens:Upper left image: foot with spurs from (3). Upper right image: foot with spurs from (5); lower left: specimen from (6); lower right: crop of image above; specimen frm (1)
Philodina flaviceps; trophi (3).
Philodina flaviceps; lateral view of anterior part of specimen from (3).
Philodina flaviceps; same specimen from (3); focus plane on the foot with two appendages which are presumably parasites. (4)
Philodina flaviceps; another specimen from the same sample, contracted, full of parasites. (4)
Location:; Hattingen Wodantal., creek (east) (1)(2); (7);, Hattingen Wodantal., creek (west) (3);(4); (5); (6);
Habitat: moss in lotic water (1); ( 2); (7); dry moss in dried up creek (3)
Date: 17.03.2016 (1); 14.04.2016 (2); 03.07.2018 (3); 04.07.2018 (4); 09.07.2019 (5); 26.04.2018 (6); 10.07.2018 (7);
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