Simmelried near Konstanz, BW, Germany, pond 27.09.2017

The Simmelried near Konstanz is unique in that there is probably no other bog biotope in the world that has been studied so long and intensively for protists and other life forms that are only visible under the microscope. Dr. Martin Kreutz and Prof. W. Foissner have found many new ciliate species here and documented their morphology and ecology with unprecedented precision.

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Species found here (among others):
Species Group Date remarks
Phacus horridus Euglenida 03.09.2021 detritus
Holophrya ovum Ciliophora 12.11.2011 boundary layer between water and anoxic mud
Pseudoblepharisma tenue Ciliophora 14.09.2011 detritus
Pseudoblepharisma tenue-viride Ciliophora 04.08.2009 detritus
Cephalodella gigantea Rotifera 16.08.2009 boundary layer between water and anoxic mud
Cephalodella tenuiseta Rotifera 07.11.2022 boundary layer between water and anoxic mud
Collotheca atrochoides Rotifera    
Lecane qudridentata Rotifera 24.07.2022 plankton/ periphyton
Proalinopsis caudatus Rotifera 07.10.2017 detritus
Trichocerca dixon-nuttalli Rotifera 07.12.2022 detritus
Trichocerca similis Rotifera 24.07.2022 plankton/ periphyton
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