Adineta tuberculosa Janson 1893
Adineta tuberculosa, ventral view of a creeping/ feeding animal, focal plane on the wart-like integument, which covers the whole animal in this morphotype. This is in contrast to the original description of Janson (1893) whose specimens had no granulations of the integument of the foot. This is also in contrast to the morphotype Adineta sp. 4, where the integument of the trunk has no conspicuous granulations (and the NoUH is different).
Adineta tuberculosa, while "swimming" the body is contracted.
Adineta tuberculosa, another specimen.
Adineta tuberculosa, upper images: two aspects of the head; dorsal view, slightly different focus planes of 2 different specimens. Lower images: two aspects of the head, ventral view; focus plane on the ciliary field and the prehensile apparatus (rake apparatus), rakes with 6 U-hooks on each side. (1)
Adineta tuberculosa; two aspects of the foot of different specimens. Left: spurs of a creeping specimen with distinct tips. Right: crop of the above image of a swimming specimen; spurs.
Adineta tuberculosa; specimen from (2)
Adineta tuberculosa; two aspects of the head of specimen from (2). Left: ventral view with rake apparatus with 6 U-hooks; right: dorsal view showing the bollard-shaped formations of the integument.
Location: Speikboden (altitude 2400m), Tauferer Ahrntal, South Tirol, Italy (1); Vesfjellet, Besseggen (1700moh), Norway (2).
Habitat: dry moss on rocks, (Andreaea rupestris), together with A. vaga var. rhomboidea, Pleuretra lineata, Dissotrocha scutellata (1); dry moss on rocks (2)
Date: coll. 7.10.2014, img 25.10.2014.(1); coll.:23.07.2016; img: 15.08.2016 (2)
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