Habrotrocha collaris Ehrenberg 1832
Habrotrocha collaris; one of two Habrotrocha species with eyespots. Habrotrocha roeperi has the eyespots on the rostrum. (1)
Habrotrocha collaris; creeping animal. The pills in the stomach are pretty big. (1)
Habrotrocha collaris; left image: crop of the above image showing the foot. This specimen seems to have no toes but an adhesive plate. right image: foot of specimen (2), the spurs and three toes are visible.
Habrotrocha collaris; left image: cerebral eyespots and trophi with dental formula 5/5. right image: trophi of macerated specimen.
Habrotrocha collaris; lateral view showing the long dorsal antenna (2)
Habrotrocha collaris; ventral view showing the rostrum with lamella, foot with toes and spurs (2)
Habrotrocha collaris; trophi of specimen (2), dental formula 5/5
Habrotrocha collaris; this specimen from (3) is actually living in a gelatinous housing made with pellets.
Habrotrocha collaris; same specimen like above, after being squeezed out of the housing, creeping.
Habrotrocha collaris; trophi of above specimen (3), dental formula 7/7
Habrotrocha collaris; the brown mass in this specimen is bacteria, but despite of this heavy infection the critter was still alive. (4)
location: Naturreservat Bourtange ; 52∞39'47.49"N / 7∞ 3'21.76"O (1); nature park Truden, small river, Trentino, Italy (2); Steinplatte, Waidring, Tirol, Austria (3); NSG Heiliges Meer, sphagnum pond(4)
habitat: Sphagnum-bog, together with Rotaria tardigrada (1); immersed moss (2); moss (3); detritus (4)
Date: 10.11.2012 (1); coll 28.9.2013, img 4.10.2013 (2); 07.07.2014 (3); 15.12.2012 (4)
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