Encentrum mustela Milne 1885
Encentrum mustela; lateral view. The image shows the dorsal antenna (DA) with the corresponding sensory cells beneath. One of the paired caudal antennae (CA) is also visible. The arrowhead points to the gastric glands. Br: brain; FG: foot glands; GV: germovitellarium; Mx: Mastax with trophi (Tr). (2)
Encentrum mustela; ventral view; focus plane on ?ventral nerve cells? and mastax. (2)
Encentrum mustela; dorsoventral view; specimen from (4)
Encentrum mustela; upper images: 2 dorsovental aspects of the trophi in a living specimen. Lower images: left: head with rostrum; right: gastric glands with light refracting bodies. (2)
Encentrum mustela; another specimen from (2).
Encentrum mustela; crop of the above image; closeup of the digestive system. GG: long-stalked gastric glands with conspicuous light refracting bodies; PV: proventriculus; St: stomach with partly digested unicellular algae (Chlamydomonas?). (2)
Encentrum mustela; 4 aspects of the trophi. bu: submanubial chamber (bulla); fu: fulcrum; im: intramalleus; ma: manubrium; ra: rami, with basal (scapus, sca) and subbasal (bulla, bu) chamber; sha: shaft of the unci; suma: supramunubria; un: unci. (2)
Encentrum mustela; lateral view. (1)
Encentrum mustela; lateral view, grazing on the "Aufwuchs". In contrast to some carnivorous Encentrum species this one feeds on small gtreen algae.(1)
Encentrum mustela; lateral view, focal plane on the trophi. (1)
Encentrum mustela; 2 aspects of the trophi (1)
Location: Gevelsberg, Grünes Klassenzimmer, pond (1); Hattingen; Radweg; ditch; Hattingen, Wodantal, pond (4)
Habitat: plankton (1); submersed beech litter; algae (Vaucheria sp.) (2); between algae (4)
Date: 26.03.2010 (1); 30.01.2016 (2); 14.04.2016 (4)
freshwater life
marine life