Proales fallaciosa Wulfert 1937
Proales fallaciosa, may feed as a scavenger or is necrophagous, as seen here: the arrowheads point to 9 specimens feeding inside of the lorica of a copepod. (4).
Proales fallaciosa, dorsoventral view. This species characterized by the single asymmetric orientated cerebral eyespot located on the right side (arrowhead) and a dorsal papilla/appendage between the toes (arrow; this appendage is in contrast to Proales decipiens)
Proales fallaciosa, dorsoventral view. Specimen from (1)
Proales fallaciosa, dorsal view. The dorsal papilla/ appendage of the tail is visible in this image. (1)
Proales fallaciosa, cerebral eyespot with lens-like structure. (1)
Proales fallaciosa, virgate trophi (3)
Proales fallaciosa, ventral view of a specimen from (3). Focus plane is on the ventral ciliary field and the integument around the mouth (lower lip).
Proales fallaciosa, two aspects of the foot of two specimens from (3). Left image: in contrast to Proales decipiens this species has a small dorsal appendix / papilla (arrowhead) between the toes. This may also lead to confusion with Notommata tripus, especially if the specimen is not fully expanded. Right: focus plane on toes and foot glands.
Proales fallaciosa, lateral view of a specimen from (4). The insert shows the single eyespot which is displaced to the right part of the head.
Proales fallaciosa, virgate trophi; basal apophyses on rami; rami without alulae, which is in contrast to Proales sordida (4)
Proales fallaciosa, specimen from (5). The arrow points to the dorsal papilla between the toes
Location: Bochum-Querenburg; Kalwesteiche (1) Gevelsberg Grünes Klassenzimmer, pond (2); Nature reserve NSG Schwalm, pond (3); Recker Moor, trench (4); Nature reserve NSG Heiliges Meer; Germany; Großes Heiliges Meer (5)
Habitat: between duckweed (Lemna sp.) (1); periphyton (Utricularia) (3); detritus (4); epibiontic on the submerged leafs of Ranunculus fluitans (5).
Date: 19.5.2007 (1); 06.11.2015 (3); coll: 13.06.2018, img.:23.06.2018 (4); 30.05.2019 (5)
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